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Dowsing Updates --->>February 26, 2008


Dowsing noxious energy lines

I got a few requests for help with noxious energy lines inside a house.

This could be a serious problem, specially for people that already have some health issues. It's been proven many times that sleeping and even living in a place that has strong noxious energy lines, especially when they cross, can lead to serious health hazards.

How to deal with it? When I approach this problem, regardless if it's done on the location or remotely - I like to get the general vibrational health of the place. I dowse for it using 0-10 scale, with "0" meaning no problem and "10" the worst case scenario.

Anything over 5 is a cause for concern.

After that I usually dowse for incoming noxious energy lines. (I use L-rods on the location or a pendulum if using a house plan). I mark them and measure the intensity of the noxious component. The next step depends greatly on the number of incoming lines and their intensity. I may attempt to neutralize or convert the noxious component using mental intent if the intensity is relatively low or use a device like Orgo-Disk to convert it.

(By the way - I'm waiting for a sample of a new line of neutralizers to test - one of them doesn't require dowsing to set up).

There are many ways to eliminate the incoming noxious energy lines - diverting it, reflecting, splitting, but converting just the noxious component seems to be the best.

Working in an environment with a lot of noxious energy can drain the dowser (not to mention occupants of the property!), so one needs to be cautious, drink plenty of good water and take breaks.

After each step the site should be re-evaluated and the whole procedure adjusted.

For all the eBay "junkies" (like myself) - I've put a convenient page with a search box and some quick links to search the auctions for dowsing and related items.


The news about the energy device had to be postponed for about a week.


That's it for now, keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik - Divining Mind



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