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Dowsing Updates --->>June 18, 2001



First - my humble apologies for the unsuccessful attempt at setting up
a mailing list - there were so many problems with accessing the
administrative interface that I decided to scratch it entirely and do it
"the old way" on a new server.


About the nuclear waste site in Washington State - between server
problems and gathering all the info - there has been a delay, but it's
getting closer. I will keep you up to date on this.


The Super Six from Jozef Baj is here and available from the Cadillac

Dowsing Filters

We've had a very interesting discussion on the DD about subconscious blocks
and it prompted some questions that I dowsed:

1. Is my subconscious mind through its filters limiting my
dowsing abilities? Yes

2. Can those filters be by-passed? Yes

3. Can they be by-passed just by asking? Yes!

By filters I mean all the pre-defined ideas, belief system, past
experiences that our subconscious stores and interprets them in its
own way; they can get triggered by smell, sound, word, situation, etc.
and create an emotion, feeling, not always consciously associated
with anything we currently deal with. This may have an impact on
dowsing accuracy.

So I tried dowsing using the above filters - boy, I set myself up! My
pendulum would hardly move! I guess dowsing IS part of my belief
system! One has to be careful what he/she is asking for!
I still believe this has some potential, but the filters have to be better
defined. Many of them will be as individual as we all are, but maybe
there are some that would apply to most. Any ideas?

I've created a list of subconscious blocks that I wanted removed
and did a test dowsing - the results were significant in the way
that they were way below average! I may be on the right track,
but may need to change the method of applying it.
I'd appreciate your thoughts on that.
That's all for now, keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik
Divining Mind
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