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Dowsing Updates --->>Sep.11, 2007


What Makes Dowsing Work

First of all - thank you for your birthday wishes, I really appreciate it. I enjoyed some of your suggestions and just may use some of them.

Although I may not be able to answer all the e-mails individually, but at least I will try to answer the most common questions.

You ask: "what makes dowsing work? Is it a pendulum that knows the answer? Is it our conscious or subconscious mind?"

I will try to answer this.


Side Note: Please don't take anything that I (or anybody else) say at the face value. It is my opinion based on my experience, yours might be completely different. Take what works for you and  disregard what doesn't.

When you ask a question or search for a lost or missing object - the dowsing tool is just an indicator, like a needle on the meter.

The way I feel it works is that first you establish mental connection with the object through your conscious mind. (Abe Mermet called this "a ray of sympathy" connecting the object with your mind and the dowsing tool). If that doesn't produce satisfactory results - you switch to your subconscious.

Your subconscious mind may have stored the information of the last place the object was located. If not - it may connect on the intuitive level to your higher self and the
Global Network or whatever name you want to give to the Universal Consciousness.

Your dowsing tool will react to the information in a manner that you programmed it (or rather your mind) before.

One more important thing - you want to ask where the object is NOW as opposed to sometime in the past.

Now the little surprise I mentioned I'd prepare for you - please check the link below:

Also I'm taking the Subliminal Fractal DVD back to the "special" price:


That's it for now, keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik - Divining Mind





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