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Dowsing Updates --->>Sep.18, 2007

Dowsing, synchronicity and manifesting

In recent years, but especially the last couple of months, there were "strange coincidences" in my life. For example I would go through my boxes and find a few of virtual cone pendulums - within an hour I get an e-mail about exactly that, or when I dug out the Incredible Coffer by Christopher Hills - I get an e-mail talking about it. It's quite interesting - soon after the thought is formulated in my mind - I either would get an e-mail or phone call and somehow the subject matches my thoughts.


Side Note: When I talk about manifesting - I don't thing only about material things. It can be anything we desire - health, relationship, better job, understanding, happiness, etc.

It helped me a lot in doing my research and everyday life. You can call it synchronicity or manifesting - you mentally send a request, open yourself up and the answer comes in. I've done quite a bit of research and thinking, reading whatever is available on the subject, studying some of the material by Napoleon Hills, Joe Vitale, Bob Doyle and others. (Well, here's another one - I just got an e-mail from Bob Doyle of Wealth Beyond Reason asking me to send him a story reflecting the Law of Attraction :o)

Each and every one of us can manifest - what we have in our lives we've manifested ourselves! It's not always what we wanted, but still it's our creation.
The way I understand it - first we need to know what we don't want - bad back, lack of money, etc., then we need to focus on things we do want - strong back, enough money to live comfortably (whatever it means to you, more on that later).

The next step is to clear all negative or limiting beliefs - we need to stop using "it's a pain in the..." or "money is the root of all evil" and live as if we already had what we wanted, enjoying what we have NOW and act on our intuition.

What does it have to do with dowsing - you may ask. A lot! It's a communication with your subconscious, just like in dowsing. The better you communicate with your subconscious - the better chance you have of achieving things and getting  better dowsing results as the only way to connect with your higher self and beyond is through your subconscious.

Now a bit of a personal story: I'm driving a 92 Nissan Pathfinder. I love it as I need 4x4 for driving through the mountains in winter (and going fishing to some remote areas - a little sub-story about that, too) and it's very agile and responsive, but little things started going wrong and the fuel economy isn't that great and I decided it would be time for a newer vehicle.

I've had a few vehicles in mind, but haven't made up my mind as I needed to consider several different scenarios - I just left it at that. A few weeks later I got a call from a friend that there is a vehicle for sale - very low mileage, all wheel drive, in perfect shape and the price was very attractive. I've jumped on it and got it for about half the market value.

It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but hey, I wasn't very precise in my thinking, either!

Going back to the story - sometimes you really have to watch what you wish for. I checked myself in a mirror and noticed my beer belly. I've been rather skinny all of my life and didn't like this picture and thought of a way to loose it.

The very next day early in the morning I went fishing to one of those remote lakes around here, took my inflatable boat. I got there fairly early hoping for a good fishing day. Started pumping up my boat using one of those little inflators that you plug into a cigarette lighter plug - it was going and going, but the boat was still very soft. I wanted to finish it with a foot pump, but I realized I left it at home! I didn't want to drain my battery, so I decided to start the motor - turned the key - it's dead!

To make the long story short - I had to walk for 18 kilometers in hot sun till I finally was able to catch a ride back and I've lost about 5 pounds in the process :o)

I have another surprise for you - check the link below:


That's it for now, keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik - Divining Mind



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