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Dowsing Updates --->>Sep.4, 2007


Dowsing Lost Or Missing Objects

A few days ago I bought some nice fresh salmon and decided
to use my 7-in-one smoker/grill to smoke it.
I soaked it in a brine and got it ready and started to
look for a box of nicely dried alder wood that I had -
it was nowhere to be found!

I've checked all the possible places - no cigar!
My wife looked for it - still nothing...

Reluctantly I pulled out my trusted pendulum (reluctantly
because my previous search for misplaced car keys sent
me on a wild goose chase :o)
and started to dowse. I couldn't get a clear signal, so
I've used the 3 finger technique from the "Getting to the
alpha state" recording. Just a few steps and... there it was,
where it was supposed to be, just with another box on the
top of it!

I guess it's never too late to start using what you know...

By the way - don't expect cold smoked salmon from those all-in-one
smokers - the temperature is just too high.


Time flies when you have fun - pretty soon I will celebrate
my 50th birthday. (Time to change that old picture on the front
page of the website :o)

I'd like to do something fun and creative that also could
benefit you. I came up with a special surprise package - look
for an e-mail from me in a few days!

But I would also like to hear your ideas on how to celebrate
this big date. (Well, maybe not so big, I still feel like 30
except for a few gray hair and beer belly :o)

That's it for now, keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik - Divining Mind