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Self-Esteem Subliminal Audio[SESA]

This is the audio portion of our Subliminal Fractal DVD part one

This is the first step in opening your mind to all the possibilities. Feeling good about yourself is the most important part of successful and fulfilling life.

Low self-esteem in most cases roots from our childhood - it may stem from:

  • unfair criticism

  • being yelled at

  • being ignored, teased or ridiculed 

  • expectations to be "perfect" all the time, etc.

    This can lead to anxiety, stress and depression, it can cause problems with friendships and relationships and cause under-achievement and increased vulnerability to substance abuse.

    Having a positive self-image creates a strong base for success in many areas of life and acts like a catalyzer for positive changes.

The "Reach For The Stars" Step One Subliminal Audio can help you erase the negative programming and replace it with positive, life changing habits, boost your self-image and self worth.

You won't have to rely on other people's opinion to feel good about yourself, you won't tremble with fear when facing problems.

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