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Water Charging Plate 8.5[WCP8]

Water Charging Plate WCP 8.5

The plate is 380 mm (15") in diameter, 10 mm thick - it incorporates shape (form) energy of sacred geometry. When you contain the shape energy - you get a self-powered device that does not require an outside power source. It generates a strong clockwise energy on the top and bottom of the plate (torsion field) that is very beneficial to human beings, animals and plants. It doesn't only clean the water, it also boosts production of negative ions in the room in which it is placed in, it neutralizes harmful radiation of geopathic zones (very strong energy is neutralized by 50-75%, weaker energy zones completely), and it also cleanses and energizes biofields.

You can also place fruits and vegetables on the plate to energize them, and neutralize radioactive contamination.

The tap water changes into spring water with this plate. Water changes its taste by removing the stored memory and brings it back to the original blueprint, it can change the ph to about 8.5 (distilled or reverse osmosis water won't change much). Drinking alkaline water is beneficial to our bodies. It can improve skin condition, reduce fine lines on your face, boost the immune system, clear the body of toxins, improve the general mood and helps your sleeping patterns. The plate also raises the vibrational energy of the water.

Another important aspect is that the water charged on the plate changes its structure into hexagonal. Hexagonal water is water with a regular six sided crystal structure characteristic to all healthy living organisms.

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