Water Charging Plate WCP 8.5

The plate is 380 mm (15") in diameter, 10 mm thick - it incorporates shape (form) energy of sacred geometry. When you contain the shape energy - you get a self-powered device that does not require an outside power source. It generates a strong clockwise energy on the top and bottom of the plate (torsion field) that is very beneficial to human beings, animals and plants. It doesn't only clean the water, it also boosts production of negative ions in the room in which it is placed in, it neutralizes harmful radiation of geopathic zones (very strong energy is neutralized by 50-75%, weaker energy zones completely), and it also cleanses and energizes biofields.


You can also place fruits and vegetables on the plate to energize them, and neutralize radioactive contamination.


The tap water changes into spring water with this plate.  Water changes its taste by removing the stored memory and brings it back to the original blueprint, it can change the ph to about 8.5 (distilled or reverse osmosis water won't change much). Drinking alkaline water is beneficial to our bodies. It can improve skin condition, reduce fine lines on your face, boost the immune system, clear the body of toxins, improve the general mood and helps your sleeping patterns. The plate also raises the vibrational energy of the water.


Another important aspect is that the water charged on the plate changes its structure into hexagonal. Hexagonal water is water with a regular six sided crystal structure characteristic to all healthy living organisms.


When we are born – the water in our body is structured and later in life, it may lose its structure due to stress and environmental influence. Healthy cells are always surrounded by hexagonal water. Hexagonal water penetrates cell walls much easier and thus helps with proper hydration and absorption of nutrients.


The water also changes chemically. The amount of heavy metals is decreased and the amount of ions of light metals, like magnesium, calcium, potassium, easily absorbed by the body, is increased.


It also reduces the number (or slows down the growth) of dangerous bacteria and reduces the level of nitrites and converts them to nitrates.


There are certain requirements for the plate to function at its best:


bullet  It has to be above the ground (so it cannot be used in basements).
bullet  It cannot be placed directly on the floor.
bullet  The best place is a wooden structure 70-80 cm (27.5"-31.5") above the floor.
bullet  Allow about 30cm (12") empty space below the plate and about 50cm (20") above it.
bullet  The plate should be at least 2m (79") away from a microwave oven.
bullet  The plate needs about 3 days to stabilize the energy output.
bullet  Place the plate with the label facing down.
bullet  It shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight.


You can prepare up to about 10 l (2.5 gallons) of water at once in transparent glass containers; it is better to use 2-3 smaller containers than one large. The tap water, especially if it is very hard and contains a lot of dissolved minerals that you don't necessarily want to ingest can be boiled and cooled down before it is placed on the plate. This is also important for tap water that has been chlorinated or fluoridated. The minerals will drop to the bottom of the container.


Do not use the last 20-30 mm (0.5"-0.75") from the bottom of the glass container as it may contain heavy metals that were cleared from the water.


The plate can be wiped with the wool cloth (enclosed) 2-3 times a year with a clockwise motion, top and bottom, to maintain its effectiveness.

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How to start drinking energized water:


It is very important to start slowly as the energized water has strong detoxifying properties. One should start with one glass of water (half for sick and elderly), leave it on the plate for 12 hours, and continue like that for several days. After that, you can increase the time the water stays on the plate up to 24 hours. It takes 1-2 weeks for your body to get used to the energized water, longer for sick and elderly. The amount of water can slowly be increased.


The water charged for 12-24 hours stays energized for about 3 days, after that the energy slowly dissipates.


For advanced users: Water charged for 6 days stays energized for a prolonged time, but after six months of drinking it there should be a 3-6 month pause when you go back to drinking 24-hour water.


DO NOT place hot or metal containers on the plate, do not submerge it in water, do not put it in the dishwasher, and do not scrub. Clean it with a damp soft cloth. Do not tamper with the plate; doing so will damage it and will void any warranty.




Do not drink this water if you have had an organ transplant, pacemaker, insulin pump or blood transfusion. If you have any serious health condition - consult your doctor before drinking it and follow your doctor's recommendations.


The plate has been tested at the Masaru Emoto Hado Life Europe Institute in Lichtenstein and the chemical and bacteriological testing has been done in several independent institutes in Poland.

The creator is a Polish woman, structural engineer, who has been interested in natural medicine for the last 25 years and has numerous inventions and patents under her belt.

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"I couldn't be more pleased with the rods. They are so responsive. Nothing I have ever used has responded so quickly or smoothly. I am very pleased with the rods and thank you for your concern and efforts. This is an exceptionally fine product."

Dave Eller

As soon as I took the pendulum out of the package I could feel the white spectrum energy (Or some energy at least). It is a wonderful pendulum, more responsive than any other pendulum I have tried and I get more accurate answers than ever before. I use a test were I get a freind to hide a little piece of paper under one of 6 things in a halfcircle, and with this new Isis Brass I get about 9 out of 10 right all the time (So cool) And it is also good looking.

Thank you for the great pendulum

Best regards,

David Jørgensen, Denmark




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