Dowsing is where quantum physics meets with mysticism, still impossible to measure with scientific instruments, only accessible to our intuition. Imagine a device where pendulum movement in the hand of a dowser is an equivalent of a needle on a meter used to measure subtle energy not detected by other senses.

Here is a short list of areas that dowsing can be used:

  1. Finding water - this is the most traditional way of using dowsing, also known as witching or divining. Search for gold and minerals - this also include oil and gas dowsing and is quite widely used. Some oil companies wonít admit they hire dowsers to locate rich oil deposits.
  2. Finding lost objects or missing people.
  3. Detecting geopathic zones. Again - this is a growing field. Did you know that several European countries wonít give you building permit without testing for geopathic zones?
  4. Finding water or gas mains or finding leaks
  5. Sexing unhatched eggs - this one requires some skills and a way to neutralize the dowsing tool and the spot to avoid the shadow effect that can skew your results.
  6. Dowsing stock market - a bit controversial - from what I gathered you can get better results dowsing trends. Itís hard to find out the truth - I donít think successful stock market dowsers would share their techniques with the public for obvious reasons-
  7. Dowsing fruit and vegetables for freshness and contaminants - irradiated, sprayed or otherwise treated food will give very low life force reading.
  8. Testing supplements for compatibility with your body.
  9. Testing for mineral deficiencies or surplus.
  10. Adjusting charkas - for spin rate, direction, opening ratio, etc.

  11. dowser Chris Gozdzik This is not by any means a complete list of areas that dowsing can be used - itís limited only by our imagination.

Hi, I am Chris Gozdzik, I have been a dowser for over 30 years and helping dowsers online since 1998. To date, we have assisted 1000's of satisfied customers.

You will find here a large selection of quality pendulums and divining rods as well as crystals and subtle energy devices for sale for the discriminating water and mineral dowser, alternative healing practitioner, holistic physician, spiritual counselor or distant healer.

Have you ever had a feeling that something was going to happen and it did happened some time later? Have you ever known who is calling before the phone rang? Those are the things that we call "gut feeling", "little voice" or intuition. In a proper state of mind, we can access information that is not available to us through our conscious mind.

Dowsing, also known as rhabdomancy, witching, divination, dousing, doodlebugging, radiesthesia, is an art and a science that allows you to detect vibrations that are not detectable by any scientific instruments. In the past, it was used mostly to find water and now it is greatly expanded and covers almost every aspect of human life.


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You can be assured of the quality of our tools - we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's like a test drive - if you don't like it for any reason, you can return it for a full refund or exchange. Because we dowse with the tools we sell, we are in a unique position to give you advice and answer your questions.

Basic dowsing is asking questions and getting answers determined by a certain kind of movement of a dowsing pendulum. The operator him- or herself is a necessary part of the system. You can dowse with a variety of devices - different kinds of pendulums and divining rods, you can even use your own body in "deviceless dowsing".

It can be used for variety of tasks, from serching for water and minerals, missing people or lost objects, to checking health issues and sending subtle vibrations over distance. Pendulum dowsing is becoming a technique of choice for alternative health practitioners.