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Geo-Puck Orgone Device[OGP]

Geo-Puck:- an orgone device for blocking / converting harmful energy lines - geopathic zones, EM fields, Curry and Hartman grid lines, etc.

This is an orgone device designed specifically to block and convert harmful energy lines - geopathic zones, radiation of underground water veins, faults, Curry and Hartman grid lines, etc.

It incorporates a double terminated quartz crystal and specially selected components to absorb and convert the harmful component of an incoming energy line and re-radiate it as positive energy.

In spite of its relatively small size it can tackle even very strong energy lines - this is due to addition of paramagnetic minerals that contain m-state elements (ormus) and promote superconductivity. The strategic placement of the quartz crystal as well as energy programming during the curing process boosts its performance even more.

How to use it

First - one needs to locate and mark (through dowsing - either direct or remote) the incoming harmful energy line(s), next place the Geo-Puck on the line as close to the wall as possible. To fine-tune the position - slowly turn the device along its axis with one hand with a pendulum in the other hand - the positive reaction of a pendulum or divining rod will mark the correct position.

The Geo-Puck can be left in place indefinitely, it doesn't need re-charging. It should be installed by a competent dowser.

Now with an addition of axion spin charge to boost the em field suppression from 30% to 70%!
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