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Getting To the Alpha State Recording[GTASR]

Discover how you can get into the alpha state immediately - anywhere, anytime - and get better dowsing and healing results.

What are alpha brainwaves and how can they help you achieve better intuition and calm mind?

Alpha state brainwaves are slower then beta (our active state) and the frequency ranges from 8 to 14 cycles per second. It is a state of "aware relaxation" and it brings numerous advantages:

* calms your body and mind while it maintains alertness

* stimulates imagination, intuition and higher awareness

* creates detachment from the outcome and increases dowsing accuracy

* improves your mental processes – concentration, clarity of thinking, decision making, memory

* frees up more of your potential and helps you achieve your goals in life

* allows you to sleep better, fall asleep easily, stay asleep right through the night

MP3 format, download immediately. NOT available on disc.
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