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High Energy Dowsing Crystal Pendulum Chrysocolla[HEP]


According to some sources - Chrysocolla is connected with peace and harmony, along with pure intuition, perseverance and genuine love.

It is frequently believed to provide comforting and gentle qualities, it is thought to be an effective source of life-force energy and it helps overcome fears by drawing out negativity and providing inspiration. It can also alleviate sense of guilt and bring in happiness.

Chrysocolla helps to clear the subconscious from sense of guilt, fears and stress, and boosting the inner strength.

It calms, re-energises and cleanses all the chakras.

Chrysocolla is associated with arthritis, bone problems, muscle spasms, blood ailments and lung issues. It can help to alleviate muscle cramps.

This device is a result of years of research in the field of subtle energy, energy transfer, charging objects with subtle energy, crystalline grid, etc. Although I’ve made other devices with similar properties before, they were fairly bulk and usually in a form of a wand and difficult to take it with you on your day-to-day activities.

The frame is based on the Super Six pendulum and includes a stone in the middle – a semi-precious stone or crystal.

Different kinds of stone will give slightly different vibration quality, so if you want to choose one that is right for you – dowse the picture!

You can use this device in a passive way – just wear it! You will create a field of protection around your body that will get to work converting stagnant, dark, inharmonious energy into vibrant, healing energy.

Wearing it while driving will boost your bio-response – you will be more alert and less prone to drowsiness and fatigue.

The High Energy Pendulum generates all Radiesthetic colors including gold, except the negative green.

To use it in an active mode – hold it like you hold a regular pendulum. You will find that it helps adjusting chakras and working with human or animal aura, send healing vibration with ease, connect with the higher realms almost instantly.

You may find your answers more consistent, increase in your dowsing accuracy and ability to get to the bottom of the problem and find a solution easier and faster.

You can charge other objects with this beneficial energy simply by holding it over the object and asking to charge it with the energy of Crystalline Grid of Earth and then linking to it. Usually the pendulum will start rotating clockwise. When it stops – the object is fully charged. You can charge your favorite jewelry, drinking water, food, dowsing tools, etc.
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  • by Consuelo cassotti

    Date Added: Thursday 18 April, 2013

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
    I just received today. Amazing! After half and hour that I was wearing it, I need to take a nap! Th..
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