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Iso-Ris Brass Gold Treatment Dowsing Pendulum[DM-I-RB-GT]

The result of combining Isis and Osiris pendulums is a very sensitive pendulum that emits the full spectrum of radiesthetic colors with white as a dominant color. Like Isis - you can use it to check food, herbs, adjust chakras, send healing vibrations remotely; like Osiris - it gives you a weapon in healing fungal, bacterial and viral diseases and gives a boost to remote healing.

In order to send a particular color vibration you just need to give it a mental command and it will send as much as is needed of that color (clockwise rotation) and when it stops - it's done!

In this version the number of Isis batteries (elements) is increased to 8 and the position is reversed. It creates a laser sharp beam that lets you send energy of any color from the radiesthetic spectrum or use it as a carrier wave generator with white color vibration.

You can also clear and harmonize chakras and remove negative vibrations and energy signatures from food, herbs, water or body.

Now it comes with a special gold surface treatment that adds the frequency of gold and boosts its vibrations to a new dimension.

It can also be used as a neutralizer of harmful component of the emf fields generated by electronic equipment. To do that we place the Iso-Ris pendulum on the equipment with the emitter pointing towards the user.

2 7/8" (72mm) long, 1.34 oz.(38.5g)

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