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Kar-Is Brass Large Dowsing Pendulum


by ron gill

Date Added: Thursday 06 August, 2015

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I had been looking at the pendulum for quite some time. It was NOT my first pendulum...i had an isis Osiris pendulum...a mer-isis pendulum, and a Super isis pendulum (which I lost very quickly after obtaining it) I kept reading up on this pendulum and it kept beckoning me to buy it. Finally I did purchase it. I have to admit that it was a pendulum that Proves its worth to you. I had been unhappy about losing my super isis had 16 batteries to it, and I felt it was very very powerful. however....I lost it SOOOo quickly that I KNEW it was not for me to have. I have No idea why....but each step of our journey always leads us to the next place. So....I ordered this pendulum and at first I just could love it as I was still UNHAPPY about my other one I lost. I did start to pick it up and use it...and the more that I used it...the more it began opening up to me and showing me how wonderful and powerful it was. I has honestly done things SO quick Im almost in disbelief that they actually happened and have to re-check them. This is a great all around pendulum for just about anything, but I find that it can do some things that other pendulums cannot do so effectively. This pendulum can Clear your home out of any entities....remove and chords and attachements . Not only do you suspect that it does this...but you will immediately FEEL that it has accomplished the task. I suffered with Severe anxiety for a very long time....and the first time I used this pendulum to balance all of my chakras, was THE LAST TIME I have had one single instance or feeling of anxiety. Im learning to have more faith in myself...and this pendulum is turning into a Friend. If you have an desire...even the Smallest desire on trying to decide if you should get this pendulum....the by all means GET IT ! You will Not be sorry...and it will take your mind and heart to brand new places. Yes I have other pendulums that have worked well for me......BUT....there is just something very different about the Kar-Is pendulum. It has opened my eyes and my energy to new things and to new feelings. More than happy.