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Kar-Is Brass Medium Dowsing Pendulum[VK-IM]

New standard in professional dowsing pendulum. Kar-Is is a combination of Karnak and Isis pendulums. It brings balance and boost of energy.

Designed by Chris Gozdzik. Due to its shape it generates gold, white and UV spectrum, also produces a very strong positive green, which is so important in preparation for and after the main healing session, and indigo, that powers the pituitary gland and boosts intuition. It is an energy pendulum and accepts mental commands and doesn't need neutralization.

Due to its design and sub-atomic level programming it reacts quickly and does the job in a fraction of time as compared with other pendulums.

It has a witness chamber.

2 5/8" (65mm) long 0.64 oz (18 g)
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  • by Stelian Dan Gheorghe Romascan

    Date Added: Friday 29 July, 2016

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    Hello potential client, I just wanted to tell you how this pendulum stands out from all other pendu..
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