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Kar-Is Brass Medium Dowsing Pendulum


by Stelian Dan Gheorghe Romascan

Date Added: Friday 29 July, 2016

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Hello potential client,
I just wanted to tell you how this pendulum stands out from all other pendulums. It is quite simple - this pendulum is infused with high energy and consciousness by Chris - the man who owns this website and who 'invented' this pendulum. What does this mean and how is it beneficial? When you dowse you connect to the universal source of knowledge and get your answers from there - you could even hold a stone attached to a string and it would work. But the difference between this pendulum and all others is the consciousness that was manually infused by Chris. Yes, all pendulums have speciffic properties accordint to their shape, some good for healing, some for map dowsing, etc. However on top of his pendulum which already emits all the radiestetic colors and benefficial energy Chris added a smart consciousness and energy that enhances everything you are doing. Say you connect to your higher self when dowsing - well the energy in this pendulum would enhance the connection to your higher self much more and on a deeper level - so that the results you get are more profoundly accurate. Anything you do, connect to or ask for - will be enhanced by the energy in this pendulum. No other pendulum or copy of this pendulum sold by someone else will do that.