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Karnak Macro Dowsing Pendulum[CSK]

Karnak Macro is a pendulum constructed by Jozef Baj of Poland and based on a pendulum found by Antoine Bovis in a sarcophagus in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt in 1930.

Karnak is an energy pendulum – it radiates certain Radiesthetic vibrations due to its shape. Original Karnak’s vibrations include negative green – a powerful vibration that can be utilized as a carrier wave or in treating fungal, viral and bacterial diseases, but also fairly dangerous if not used properly. It can desiccate (dry up or mummify) living cells.

Jozef Baj constructed a version of Karnak that vibrates in a white energy spectrum making it perfectly safe. White energy also increases the bio-field of the dowser and promotes healing processes.

It readily accept mental commands of the dowser and can be used as a sensitive receiver or a powerful transmitter of energy. It has a fair size “witness” chamber that can be utilized to send a vibration of a remedy or for remote work (distant healing).

It doesn’t require neutralization after use.

It can be used for finding energy lines, diagnosing, adjusting chakras and meridians, distant healing, etc.

Karnak Macro is suitable for diagnosing and search.

It can be used as a regular pendulum – working directly over patient’s body or testing supplements, it can also be used passively – you can lay it down horizontally and direct it towards patient or a witness. Use a mental command to send as much healing energy as it’s necessary at the time and then stop.

6.5" (165mm) 72g
$72.00 $78.00
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