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SuperIsis Gold Treatment Dowsing Pendulum[DMSIGT]

This is our version of a pendulum invented and constructed by one of the highly regarded experts of radiesthetic equipment, Jozef Baj of Warsaw, Poland. Its shape symbolizes the Cross of Life as known to ancient Egyptians. The four parallel disks create an amplifier, making it very sensitive and selective. Isis generates its own energy at a frequency equivalent to the colour white - the synthesis of all colours. This strong, constant radiation makes it perfect for use as a "carrying wave" which can be modulated and use in teleradiesthesia. (use of radiesthetic equipment from a distance) It is very safe. Isis is a mental pendulum and can be used as a transmitter or receiver, according to the mental command of the operator.

It can be used in checking food, herbs, in making health diagnoses and as a generator of carrying wave in work with maps and distance healing. It doesn't need neutralization - it cleans itself. Because of its unique properties and safety it should be considered basic and necessary pendulum of every dowser.

The Super Isis is an expanded version of our popular Isis pendulum. It has 6 "batteries" (active elements) instead of four and that significantly increases its power and sensitivity. Great for spiritual work and healing.

The Gold Treatment takes it to a new dimension. 2 1/4" long, 1.14oz

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