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The Black Healer V2.0 Large[TBH2.0L]

This version is a result of many experiments with the prototype series, several changes to the details, much tighter tolerances making them much more stable and true.

It was inspired by the research of the Keshe Foundation and it incorporates copper coils individually covered with layers of nano material and its action is based on the interaction between magnetic and gravitational fields, I don't believe it was ever tried in dowsing and energy work and the results are quite intriguing and it may become a new standard in energy tools.

It's 68mm (2 3/4") long from tip to tip and it weighs 24.5g (0.86oz).

Everything is done by hand, the creation of nano layers requires 4-6 weeks under special conditions, this pendulum is like an intelligent being and reacts to thoughts and emotions! It follows the principles of Golden Ratio.

Test it's abilities to control pain, to heal, balance, send a particular color, communicate, etc. Use it as a regular pendulum or as a wand, by pointing it towards the area that requires attention. It readily responds to your mental commands and it's very agile and responds quickly and accurately.
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