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The Black Healer V2.0 Prototype Series


by Marie Weik

Date Added: Saturday 03 June, 2017

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I received the Black Healer pendulum in the mail and I must say that I am more than impressed with it! It is very responsive and programs easier than any pendulum I have worked with so far. 

If you are using it to heal a garden, make sure to hold on tight, as the spin gets very aggressive. I think the pendulum is well suited to this type of work. I have not as of yet viewed the healing results, as I just did this test today. If you would like the results when they come in, just post a comment and I will be happy to respond. 

You can also take this pendulum out of its comfort zone and use it as a directional finder. The Black Healer actually preformed better than the compass I used to validate this with. I would also recommend that you program the pendulum for this use in case you need to find someone outdoors that needs healing and is lost. Further testing is needed but it is capable of being programmed for this. I would be happy to share my method used to program the pendulum for a directional finder.

I will continue testing the Black Healer pendulum to further explore it's positive potential. I can tell you with what testing I have done that I would highly recommend this amazing pendulum. It really is a powerhouse healer! I would also recommend to anyone that you should put it through your own tests, it is very eager to learn new programming. Remember to inform the pendulum of what program to run so there is no confusion to what function you are asking of it. It is important to get a yes answer before you continue.