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The Black Healer V2.0 Wand Large[TBH2.0WL]

The Black Healer Wand Medium is a more powerful version of our two Black Healer pendulums. It is 95mm (3 3/4") long and weighs 27.5g (0.96oz). This is the smaller one from the two that were planned.

They readily accept mental programming and respond quickly, so it's a good idea to get prepared before starting a session.

From the preliminary testing they seem to be great at pain control, when you place them pointing towards your head at night they seem to be helpful with recalling dreams and enhancing lucid dreaming. They also show some promise in addictions and weight control.

You can use them as a large pendulum, hand held device or passively when you lay them down horizontally pointing towards a target area or a "witness".

This device is our most powerful tool and is meant for advanced and experienced users.

"I truly believe this is your best work yet.

My intuition is highly enhanced. I am able to release old, unwanted behaviors that I have held onto (and turned into freakin art-forms over 6 decades) - and it feels wonderful.  
Timing is enhanced. Synchronicity has become the norm. For example, today I had just gotten back into town from a weekend trip and stopped by the post office. When I got back in my car the phone was ringing. It was a friend who just made a pizza for her YouTube cooking channel, but she didn't want it for herself. She asked if I wanted it. I said I did and she asked if I could come right away. She was 2 blocks away from the p.o.  I was at her house within 2 minutes. And the pizza was fantastic, too :)
I'll think of someone out of the blue and get a phone call or email from that person within minutes of the thought. 
Dreams are much clearer and I remember much them longer. I don't always understand what the dream was trying to convey. Within a few days I will get an explanation from some weird place - like a completely unrelated video will say the perfect words that explain the most recent dream or a paragraph in a book will say exactly what I needed to hear to understand another dream. I've learned not to push it, to let it be (that's WAY huge for me), and to trust and know that I will get an answer/explanation. I always do.
Last night:   I dreamt I was driving down a familiar highway. There was a black horse lying in the median, trees all around it. The horse was shiny black and did not appear to be dead or injured, but it wasn't moving. Two golden eagles flew in to see whether the horse was dead (food!) or alive. It must have been alive because they just landed on the ground nearby and walked around. I woke up. I had no clue what the dream meant until just now (it's 4:00 pm EDT). And it did. Message: Stop beating a dead horse so you can soar with eagles. (i.e. stop asking us (guides) the same freakin questions over and over and over! Let it go!)
There's more. I'll try to get better at jotting notes for myself to send to you. I really think this is your absolute crown jewel. This is the best one yet.

Take care.

Mary Lee

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