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The Black Healer V2.0 Wand Micro[TBH2.0WMICRO]

The Black Healer Wand Micro is only 1 3/4" (45mm) long and weighs 0.14oz (4.5g). It is the smallest of our Black Healer Wand family.

It readily accepts mental programming and responds quickly, so it's a good idea to get prepared before starting a session.

From the preliminary testing they seem to be great at pain control, when you place them pointing towards your head at night they seem to be helpful with recalling dreams and enhancing lucid dreaming. They also show some promise in addictions and weight control.

You can use them as a pendulum, hand held device or passively when you lay them down horizontally pointing towards a target area or a "witness". These wands are also great for charging water or other objects like crystals. They are small enough to be worn as pendants.
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